The Catholic University of America


CUA's Office of Career Services now uses Handshake, a new fast and powerful career services platform. 

Employers can use Handshake to post jobs and internships, identify qualified candidates, monitor applications, manage on-campus recruiting activities, and register for career fairs.. This system reaches all current students and alumni and addresses a variety of hiring needs. (See our policies below--by creating/accesssing Handshake you are agreeing to our policies.)


  • General Information On Posting

    All employers posting opportunities with Career Services must adhere to professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing, and selection techniques.

  • First Time Users

    1.    Select the “Employer” tab on the Handshake Login page. If your organization is not already registered under an employer account, you will need to create one to proceed.
    2.    Please fill in your employer profile with as much data as possible in order to generate a higher amount of student interest.
    3.    Remember: When creating your Handshake account, it is important to use your organizational email address, not a personal email address.
    4.    Once your account is approved, you will able to post a position.
    ♦  Please note that The Catholic University of America has the right to refuse employers. 
  • Registered Users

    Companies/employers that are approved and have a Handshake account, may login to the system at any time to post available positions and access a number of other services. To do so:
    1.    Go to
    2.    Login using your established email and password.
    3.    Use the tab navigation at the left to find the service you'd like utilize.
    4.    If posting an available position, please note that these also have to be reviewed by Career Services staff prior to going live to students and alumni. 

    ♦  Please note that The Catholic University of America has the right to refuse employers.

    Posting a Job in Handshake
    1.    Log-in to your Handshake account and select the “Job Postings” tab on the left-hand column, and then select the “New Job” tab in the upper-right hand corner.
    2.    Jobs need to be approved by the Office of Career Services before they can be seen by students.
    3.    For further assistance, we recommend visiting the Handshake Support Portal.

  • Internship Posting Information

     Any internship posted must follow all United States Department of Labor FLSA Guidelines. Posting an internship in Handshake serves as verification that you have read and will abide by these guidelines.

    Unpaid for-credit internship opportunities:

    Opportunities that are offered for academic credit can only be posted until the the last day students can drop or add a class for that semester.
                            Last Day To Post
    Term               For-Credit Internship
    Fall 2017        September 8, 2017
    Spring 2018   January 19, 2018

    While there is no limit to the number of internships that an organization can post, the Office of Career Services limits the term of internship postings. No posting can remain active beyond a single recruiting season (Spring, Summer, or Fall). The major advantage for the organization is that tailoring the internships to each semester for applications will help keep the opportunity in the front of the search results as well as clearly indicating for potential applicants the season for which they are applying.
  •  Policies:
    Career Services reserves the final right to determine which postings are appropriate for inclusion in its database of listings. We do not accept postings from the following:
    1.  Third party recruiters or staffing agencies, unless the position is within the company's office. 
    2.  Employers offering full-time positions listed with a rate of pay lower than minimum wage (internships may be non-paid or compensated with a stipend).
    3.  Employers offering internships that do not provide a learning environment supported by supervision for their interns.
    4. As a private and Catholic institution, The Catholic University of America reserves the right to post opportunities at its discretion.
    Employer accounts must be linked to a professional e-mail address, preferably one that directly reflects the name of the organization (such as Use of a personal e-mail system (such as yahoo and g-mail) for an organization must be approved in advance with the Office of Career Services or the opportunity may not be posted.

    Non-discrimination policy:
    All employers are expected to abide by the non-discrimination policy of The Catholic University of America.

    CUA's Privacy Policy is available here.