The Catholic University of America


The study of Nursing believes in the integrity and worth of the human person; that health care is a basic human right; and that all persons are unique and capable of change and of participating in decision making related to their health needs. These beliefs are enacted through caring responses to the needs of all human beings, with consideration for their gender, age, color, creed, lifestyle, and cultural background. Professional nursing is steeped in a rich tradition of caring and is ever mindful of the health needs of contemporary and future societies in rapidly changing and complex environments throughout the world. Through the roles of clinician, teacher, consultant, manager, and advocate, the professional nurse is able to provide care in a variety of settings.

CUA's School of Nursing is an integral component of its parent institution and therefore, is committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church and the values of the Christian faith. The School of Nursing conducts its academic affairs in accordance with the university's aims and policies, the standards of the academic community and of the nursing profession. Its philosophy and mission focus on education, scientific inquiry and service within the scope of nursing knowledge and practice