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Computer science studies the fundamentals of hardware and software components of computers and their applications in science, technology, engineering, and in our daily life. The body of knowledge that results from this discipline contains theories for understanding computing systems and methods; design methodology, algorithms, and tools; methods for the testing of concepts; methods of analysis and verification; and knowledge representation and implementation.

CUA's undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science prepares students for direct entry into a career in computer science or further studies at the graduate level. The program is specifically designed to prepare the students professionally to face the challenges of the rapidly evolving area of computer science. Additionally, students are also equipped so that they can contribute to and service the needs of the society that needs critical thinking and dedication to life-long learning.


Marketable Skills of Computer Science Majors:

- Abstract and Formal Reasoning
- Knowledge of Operating Systems
- Mathematical Skills
- Problem-solving
- Organizing/Simplifying
- Logical Thinking
- Detail-oriented
- Advanced Quantitative Abilities
- Statistical Analysis
- Designing Systems
- Classifying/Systemizing
- Critical Thinking

Sample Positions Obtained by CUA
Computer Science Graduates:

Database Administrator Webmaster
Computer Support Specialist
Systems Analyst
Computer Engineer
Software Development Specialist
Network Programmer





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