The Catholic University of America


The study of Philosophy has the ability to affect a student personally and professionally. Studying Philosophy will develop a person's mind by improving one's ability to analyze, organize, synthesize and express one's own thoughts and the expressed thoughts of others. The study of Philosophy also enhances a person's ability to make good judgments, to discern and understand relationships, to make necessary distinctions and to broaden one's own perspective. These abilities are crucial assets which can be applied to any discipline or endeavor.

At CUA, a Major in Philosophy is offered in two different programs leading to the bachelor's degree: Concentration and Pre-Law. As a concentrator in Philosophy, the student may elect enrollment in either the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Philosophy. At CUA, a concentration in Philosophy gives the student the opportunity to do upper division work in related disciplines and will serve as excellent preparation for the study of theology. It also equips the student with the skills of analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving, which are essential to a wide field of professions. Concentration in Philosophy as Pre-Law is highly recommended by legal educators as a preparation for the study of law. Visit CUA's School of Philosophy home page.