The Catholic University of America

Theology and Religious Studies

Majoring in Religion prepares students for future leadership in many areas. A Religion major helps students to understand and interpret the fundamental beliefs and values that motivate individuals and communities in this pluralistic society. Students gain insights into the most profound questions of human existence and acquire skills in critical analysis and problem solving

At CUA, the program for majors in Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) is aimed at providing students with both a wide exposure to the areas of specialization within Theology and Religious Studies but also gives students opportunities to delve more deeply into areas of special interest. Although religion majors are expected to select courses in a number of different areas, they could also concentrate their work to some extent in a particular area, such as biblical studies, church history, moral theology/ethics, liturgy and sacraments, systematic theology, world religions, or religion and culture. Visit CUA's School of Theology and Religious Studies home page.