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Sociology is the study of the origin, development and nature of problems facing society. Students in this major examine human society and social behavior to examine how society works and how to effect positive social change. Sociology is multi-faceted; many sociologists choose to specialize in a particular area such as gerontology, education, gender roles, social inequality, population studies or marriage and the family.

CUA's Department of Sociology provides opportunities for students to investigate critical questions about the workings of their social world from the environments of the individual and the family, through the organization of schools, work places and churches, to the ways in which nations wage or avoid waging war. Students major in this study of social institutions and social processes for a variety of reasons and anticipate diverse career possibilities, especially those which require computer assisted data analysis.


Marketable Skills of Sociology Major:

- Analyze, Synthesize and Interpret
- Knowledge of Social Structures and
- Interpersonal Communication
- Interact well with Diverse Cultures and
- Knowledge of Community
- Research and Planning
- Statistical Abilities
- Critical Thinking
- Insight into Group Dynamics







Sample Positions Obtained by CUA Social Work Graduates:

Community Development Specialist
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Welfare Counselor
Recreational Therapist
Family Services Specialist
Youth Worker
Child Care Worker
Parole/Probation Officer
Social Scientist
Independent Living Trainer
Law School
Medical School
Human Resources Specialist
Insurance Agent/Claims Representative
Secret Service/FBI Agent
Consumer Researcher





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