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The Job Search To-Do List: Where do You Stand?

Stage 1: Establishing Direction


____ What kind of work you want to do
____ Type(s) of organization(s) you'd like to work in
____ Skills and knowledge you can offer
____ Personal strengths you bring to the job/
____ What you'd like to gain from first job
____ Where you'd like to live
____ When you'd like to start working

Stage 2: Preparing Materials and Establishing Job Search Readiness


____ Writing resume
____ Writing cover Letter
____ Lining up references
____ Honing interviewing skills (mock interview)
____ Assembling wardrobe
____ Acquiring and readying answering machine

Stage 3: Identifying Employment Possibilities


____ Researching organizations
____ Developing network (faculty, family, CUA alums, friends, employers)
____ Informational interviewing
____ Researching opportunities

Stage 4: Applying for Positions


____ Contacting employers
____ Applying for positions
____ Utilizing network
____ Using employment agencies (if appropriate)

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