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Resources in Career Services

The Office of Career Services features a wide range of material to help you decide where you want to go after CUA. Some of the resources we offer are: 

Career Information


Employer Directories


Graduate School Information


Law School Application Process


Computers for your Job Search


Books and Instructional Materials on Job Searching


Information on Overseas Teaching or Other International  Programs


and more!


Career Information

A variety of books, pamphlets and brochures describing careers from virtually all areas of the world of work. These materials explain what these fields entail, what educational preparation is required or suggested, and the employment outlook. There are also general guides, most notably the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which serve as encyclopedias of careers and provide an excellent point from which to begin one's exploration.

Employer Directories

Books and materials through which you can research employers. These include directories, which list employers according to geographic location or type of work, and give some organizational information about the company.

Graduate School Information

Consists primarily of directories that list programs. The primary resource is Peterson's Guide to Graduate Studies, a multi-volume set which categorizes programs according to fields of study. There are also specialty directories for programs in psychology, medicine, business, and several other fields. The office also provides information on how to apply to graduate school. The ETS home page is worth reviewing for additional information. Please see Career Services' web information concerning graduate school.

Graduate Financial Aid Sources (non-CUA)

Pertains to aid provided by non-CUA sources. (For CUA graduate financial aid, contact the school or department which you wish to or currently attend). Please visit: information on graduate financial aid for information. This information and more is listed on Career Services' Graduate School Website

Law School Application Resources
Includes the major directory of approved law school programs, catalogues, and information helpful in choosing a program. Handouts include an overall prelaw guide, information about the application timetable, writing a personal statement, careers in law. The LSAC home page has a number of helpful resources as well. For more information about law schools and the application process visit Career Services' Applying to Law School website.

Computer for Internet Job/Career Searching

A place for students and alumni to explore online sources of information about careers, jobs, internships, organizations, and graduate/professional schools.

Books and Instructional Materials on Job Searching

Concisely written items providing the basics on all aspects of the job search process. Handouts cover topics such as interviewing, resume writing, curriculum vita, job searching, job hunting on Capitol Hill, and employer correspondence. Seniors can also obtain a free copy of "Job Choices," an excellent annual publication describing a range of topics related to finding a job. Books on all of these topics, including pursuing careers in academe, are available.

  • Key Publications
    • Careers in...: series of books describing careers and opportunities in a variety of fields.
    • Peterson's Guides to Graduate Programs: lists and descriptions of graduate programs from all fields of study.
    • Hoover's Handbook to American Business: profiles of Fortune 500 companies.
    • Job Bank Series: descriptions of employers in major cities or regions of the U.S.
    • Job Choices: comprehensive guide to the job search process, along with profiles of organizations (free copies for seniors).
    • Occupational Outlook Handbook: the best encyclopedia of careers available!
    • Opportunities in...: series of books describing careers and opportunities in a variety of fields.
    • Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools: profiles of all ABA accredited law schools.
    • Washington Information Directory: all non-profit, government political organizations in the D.C. area.
    • What Color is Your Parachute?: excellent source of ideas on job searching and career planning.

Overseas Teaching and International Programs

Notebooks and pamphlets containing information about current overseas programs that include teaching, nursing, childcare, and internships in various countries throughout the world.